Finding Project Funding

Finding Funding for Social Impact Plans
Many times, fellows and mentors struggle to figure out how to fund impact plans. One of TechWomen’s Impact Coaches from 2017 and 2018, Jessica Dickinson Goodman, has put together this list of 100+ sources of possible funding for each country in the TechWomen program. Each line in the sheet represents a past grant that was given to a project benefitting women or using technology in that given country.  Spreadsheet

How to use this document:

Think about a project you’re doing or want to do. Look through the grants below to see if someone is funding work like it — if you don’t already know all about them, Google for the recipients’ websites to see if your project is similar to theirs. Funders generally fund the same type of project, often fund multiple projects at a time, and are always looking for the great projects you’re working-on to fund.


Look-up the application dates and requirements from the funder and decide if you want to apply. If you have 3 hours to research grants, you should spent 1 hour finding the right grant and making sure you qualify, 1 hour drafting your grant, and 1 hour getting feedback from knowledgeable people on your application. If a grant went to an NGO based outside of your home country, look on their website to see if they are giving sub-grants or seeking researchers/projects to fund. Grantwriting takes creativity.

Last 3 tips:

    1. Remember that past is prologue with funding. If a grant-giver has funded something similar to your project, recently, near where you are, they are more likely to fund you than if they’ve never funded your kind of project in your location.
    2. Grantwriting is iterative. You should intend to apply for 10 grants to get one.
    3. Share, share, share. You are very rarely in direct competition with other women for the same money and the relationships you build and grow will outlast any grant cycle if you tend them properly. Share your money, share your leads, share your application language. It will help everyone get better faster. Share this document:

Another version of this information is in a video of TechWomen Mentors Jessica Dickinson Goodman and Larissa Shapiro presenting their “Finding Funding for Social Impact Projects – TechWomen Webinar”. This is a re-recording of their May 2018 presentation.

Information from Jessica Dickinson Goodman, 6 September 2018

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