Mentoring Programs for Technical Women

Mentoring Standard 72 Mentor Collage 8 May 2016

In the May 2016 report “First Mentors – What We Learned”, Mentoring Standard found that five of the most popular formal programs named by mentors were solely for girls and women:

  1. Technovation
  2. TechWomen
  3. Lean In
  4. Girl Scouts
  5. Cherie Blair Foundation

51% of the 72 mentors in 17 countries reported being in one or more of these five mentoring programs. There were other female-focused programs in which only one mentor reported participation, including: Nigeria Geek Girls, She Can, African Women in Agricultural Research and Development, GirlHype, and Tech Girls. TechWomen who are looking to volunteer in a formal mentoring program for girls and women should consider Technovation or another program listed here.

This is a work-in-progress and more information is welcome: Please send suggestions!

Mentoring Standard Formal Programs bar chart 8 May 2016

Images Copyright 2016 Mentoring Standard

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