Discussion: Supporting TechWomen Fellows in Conflict Zones


One of the scheduled topics on 12 February 2016 during the TechWomen Jordan Delegation’s Unconference at the Dead Sea was called “Supporting TechWomen Fellows in Conflict Zones”.  Katy Dickinson (TechWomen Mentor, Founder, Mentoring Standard, member of the TechWomen Alumnae Council) chaired the discussion.

The group of nine TechWomen Fellows, Mentors, and supporters from the Middle East and USA started by discussing how to support TechWomen Fellows in conflict zones – especially Gaza, Yemen, and Libya – but expanded our scope to consider those stuck at home because of severe family illness or other care taking responsibilities.  That is, these are ideas / resources / programs to benefit TW Mentors and Fellows who are stuck in place.  This was not about getting them out but rather helping them remain professionally active where they are.

We envisioned a web page which would provide pointers to resources and programs, with a volunteer TW guide who could answer questions about those resources and programs.  The five categories in which we felt that support could be offered /maintained and would be most helpful are:

  1. Entrepreneurship – training, startup feedback, recommendations to funding sources.
  2. Outsourcing – recommendations on finding / developing professional work that could be done where they are.
  3. Starting and managing local mentoring programs.
  4. Professional visibility and volunteerism:
  5. Recommendations and introductions:

This web page will be techwomenalumnae.wordpress.com

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