Best Mentoring Practices Panel – for Women’s Day


On 10 March 2016, the TechWomen Alumnae Council and Ericsson’s Women in Leadership presented a panel on Best Mentoring Practices in the Silicon Valley (in San Jose) California to celebrate International Women’s Day. Audrey Simpson (TechWomen Alumnae Council Co-Chair) hosted the event. The video is available for public viewing.

Introductions to Ericsson and Mentoring were given by:

The panel:

  • Judy Little – (Menttium mentor, Ericsson’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Council member, Ericsson Vice President- Strategic Alliances)
  • Myra Nawabi – (Lean In Circle Leader of 900+ members, TechWomen Mentor, Technovation Mentor, and Lockheed Martin Senior Program Manager)
  • Robert Loftis – (Coach for Career Growth, experienced mentor)
  • Manali Rane (Software Engineer, TechWomen Mentor)
  • Katy Dickinson – moderator (TechWomen Mentor, Founder- Mentoring Standard)

Expertise represented on the panel included:

  • Informal mentoring by senior executives (Judy and Robert)
  • Corporate internal mentoring programs (Judy and Katy)
  • Technovation Challenge – a software contest for entrepreneurial girls around the world (Myra)
  • TechWomen (US State Department – Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs) – Women STEM leaders in Africa,the Middle East, and Central Asia mentored in the Silicon Valley (Myra, Katy, Manali)
  • How coaching is the same/different from mentoring (Robert)

The panel handout is available here.  Thanks to John Plocher who taped, edited, and processed the video – much appreciated!

17 May 2016 update: This material is referenced in the Mentoring Standard report “First Mentors – What We Learned” by Katy Dickinson and John Plocher, 8 May 2016.


Images Copyright 2016 by Katy Dickinson

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